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Accidental and intentional poisoning from prescribed, illicit and organic substances remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide and accounts for just under 1% of the total number of

Pneumothorax is defined as the presence of air in the pleural space, between the lung and the chest wall. It is a significant global health problem, with considerable morbidity and healthcare costs.

Shock is a life-threatening state commonly encountered by the acute physician. As such those practicing and training in the specialty should strive to become true experts in this field by going beyond

A wide variety of conditions can present with acute thrombocytopenia, ranging from those that are relatively benign and self-limiting to those that require urgent therapeutic intervention. Initial

Abstract Magnesium deficiency, and to a lesser extent magnesium excess, is commonly encountered in patients admitted to the Acute Medical Unit. It is important that acute physicians are able to identify

Abstract The refeeding syndrome is common among patients with anorexia nervosa. It may be lethal and has many manifestations. We report a case series of 14 anorexic patients admitted for feeding to

Journals were reviewed between August and December 2010. The journals reviewed include: The lancet, Lancet Neurology, New England Journal of Medicine, British Medical Journal, Heart, Gut, Thorax, Circulation,

Bleeding from the upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract is a common medical emergency, with an incidence of between 50-150 cases per 100,000 per year.1 A recent audit by the British Society of Gastroenterology

Acute paraplegia is an emergency requiring immediate assessment by the acute medical team because of the need to rule out compressive lesions of the cord for which intervention may preserve neurological

Abstract Budd-Chiari syndrome (BCS) is the liver disease resulting from hepatic venous outflow obstruction comprising a triad of abdominal discomfort, hepatomegaly and ascites. Advances in the management