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Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 51 – 94 (2009)

Dear Sir

I read with interest the review article on the management of toxological emergencies , published in the last edition of the journal (E. Banham-Hall, R. Mallinson: Poisoning and toxological

Gastrointestinal Emergencies describes itself as “the definitive reference guide for the management of gastrointestinal emergencies and endoscopic complications”, The book covers the huge topic

We are all responsible for maintaining our standards and improving the way in which we work. However, keeping up to date with the many guidelines/documents published and finding what is relevant to

Abstract Background: The utility of D-dimer in the diagnostic workup of pulmonary embolism has been established. Several D-dimer tests are available with different sensitivities and specificities. SimpliRED

Abstract Patients with complex needs are commonly admitted on the acute medical take and comprise a significant proportion of the workload for an acute physician. An innovative multi-professional approach

Abstract There are a number of cases reported in the literature which describe hyperglycaemia in patients following paracetamol overdose. The majority of these occur in conjunction with hepatic failure.

Abstract We report two recent cases of tricyclic antidepressant (TCA) overdose complicated by the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). The previous literature documenting an association

Abstract A 62 year old female presented to the acute medical team with headache, fevers and enlarged axillary lymph nodes. Initial biochemical, microbiological and immunological investigations were

Abstract Abnormalities of the electrocardiogram are extremely useful for the diagnosis of heart disease, but they may also occur in non-cardiac conditions. The electrocardiographic abnormalities that

Abstract Lower extremity deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a common disease associated with serious short term and long term complications. Its conventional treatment has been anticoagulation. Thrombolytic