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Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 65 – 120 (2011)

Case Outcome

Further investigations revealed a negative autoimmune screen and aspergillus preciptins, but a raised total IgE level of 350ku/l. She underwent a bronchoscopy and lavage which was negative

We read with interest the review of the OPAT service in Birmingham, featured in the most recent issue of Acute Medicine.1 Could the authors confirm the percentages of patients deemed suitable for outpatient

The article “The impact of education on the knowledge and documentation of Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) driving restrictions by doctors”1 was interesting and I agree that doctors (especially

We enjoyed the recent article by Heaps and Gormley.1 It highlights both the importance of electrolyte disturbance and the QT interval, in the context of acute drug overdose or substance misuse.

We recently

A 22 year old woman was admitted to hospital after coughing up approximately 500ml of fresh blood. She was a lifelong non-smoker with no significant prior respiratory history; however she described

Acute Medicine 30 2011; 10(1): 29-31 V K Patel, B Warner, A Ceccherini & B Mearns An unusual cause of bilateral deep vein thrombosis in a young adult patient…

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The quality of care in AMU has a significant and disproportionate impact on hospital outcomes. Early expert involvement reduces mortality and reduces the risk of hospital associated harm by shortening


Falls are common amongst older adults inf licting a substantial socioeconomic burden. Aetiology is often multifactorial. Comprehensive individualised assessment is pivotal to direct effective

Shock may not be the commonest scenario encountered within the average clinical take, but unless rapidly recognised and managed appropriately, it carries an extremely high mortality. Shock is defined

Journals were reviewed between January and April 2011. The journals reviewed include: American Journal of Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Archives of Internal Medicine, British Medical Journal,