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To specify whether an association exists between pre-hospital body temperature collected by the emergency medical services (EMS) call centre, and intensive care unit (ICU) admission of patients with


I read the article, ‘Assessment of Fluid responsiveness in

Dear sir/madam,

Point of care ultrasound (POCUS) in the hands of the non-radiologist has seen a steady growth in popularity amongst emergency, intensive care and acute medical physicians. Increased

I’m sitting at my desk, trying to concentrate. On anything. It’s impossible. No, I should rephrase that, it’s “challenging” is the term I’ve been taught to use. I can’t focus. I have


I read the article, ‘Is the AIM curriculum, for higher specialty training, fit for purpose’ with interest.

However, I disagree with the author on a number of points. First, a curriculum is


I read with interest the Viewpoint article by Dr Chadwick regarding the future of Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) training, particularly the development of Capabilities in Practice (CiPs) and their

Dear Sir,

I read with interest the article by Ravikirti et al in the recent edition of Acute Medicine. The authors rightly highlight the potential for atypical presentations of tamponade following cardiac

Dear Editor:

We read with interest the picture quiz ‘’A young man with palpitation’’ by Shaukat and Grey in Acute Medicine Journal, and we would like to make some comments regarding the management

Contemporary definition of sepsis and the role of the Acute Medicine trainee in the management

Dear Editor,

We read with interest the review of shock by Rowe and Fletcher in the Acute Medicine Journal,1

We read with interest the review of the OPAT service in Birmingham, featured in the most recent issue of Acute Medicine.1 Could the authors confirm the percentages of patients deemed suitable for outpatient