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A 71-year old retired missionary presented with a 2- week history of increasing dyspnoea, orthopnoea, and peripheral oedema. The patient had no previous significant past medical history. On clinical

An 82-year-old lady was found on the floor of her home, confused and surrounded by vomitus. She had a past medical history of type II diabetes, hypothyroidism, previous left total hip replacement, and

A 91-year old female presented to Acute Medical Unit with a 2 week history of shortness of breath and haemoptysis. Her past medical history included osteoporosis, depression, irritable bowel syndrome,

58-year-old lady presented to the Emergency Department with a two-day history of shortness of breath and confusion, on a background of one week’s history of general malaise, vomiting, fevers and

A 64-year-old male presents to the emergency department in acute respiratory distress. He gives a limited history of progressive shortness of breath of one week’s duration and several episodes of

A 34-year-old gentleman, with a background of osteoarthritis, presented to the Acute Medical Unit with a short history of breathlessness. He had returned from holiday to the United States five days

A previously fit and healthy 57 year old gentleman presented to hospital 2 weeks after a previous admission with acute severe headache. At the time of his previous admission the

The case:

A 58 year old man was brought to the emergency department with acute confusion after being found unconscious on his floor at home. He had a background of alcohol misuse with alcoholic liver disease.

This T2 weighted MRI scan demonstrates a hyperintense trident shaped lesion extending from the pontomedullary junction to the midbrain with peripheral sparing (figure 2 – abnormality indicated by

A 57-year-old man was admitted to the Acute Medical Unit with an episode of collapse following chest pain and shortness of breath. On examination he was tachycardic, and tachypnoeic with a heart rate