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Volume 15, Issue 2, Pages 49 – 108 (2016)

A 62 year old Nepalese gentleman presented with left sided weakness and sensory loss. Initial brain CT scanning was suggestive of acute infarction but a subsequent MRI scan showed cysts with oedema.

A previously fit and healthy 57 year old gentleman presented to hospital 2 weeks after a previous admission with acute severe headache. At the time of his previous admission the

As usual the Society for Acute Medicine received a large number of high quality abstract submissions for its Spring 2016 meeting which was held in the Titanic Centre, Belfast on the 5th-6th May. The…

Unscheduled acute hospital admissions and subsequent deaths in hospitals of patients considered palliative are increasing, despite many patients’ preference to die at home. A large proportion of

Duplex scanning is utilised by many departments in the investigation of suspected Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). NICE Guideline CG144 recommended repeat scanning for patients in whom the initial Wells

This was a retrospective review of five years’ data relating to patients referred to the Acute Medical Unit (AMU) of a large teaching hospital with suspected Pulmonary Embolism (PE) during pregnancy

Abstract Aims: To create a system to co-ordinate the medical take, bed management and track patient flow. To use the system to continuously audit against Society for Acute Medicine Quality Indicators.

Hospital mortality has been a hot topic in the medical and popular Press over recent years. Many readers will recall ‘scandals’ around hospitals whose mortality rates appeared higher than that


Severe headaches are a frequent presentation to the Emergency Department, accounting for around 1% of presentations. Of these, 13-16% will have a sinister underlying pathology

This article conveys concerns raised by delegates at the International SAM Conference (Manchester, 2015) regarding how to advance nursing practice in acute medicine. It endeavours to capture the essence