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Volume 10

Dear Editor:

We read with interest the picture quiz ‘’A young man with palpitation’’ by Shaukat and Grey in Acute Medicine Journal, and we would like to make some comments regarding the management


Training in Intensive Care Medicine is currently undergoing extensive changes, with the introduction of a new curriculum and new examinations. This article explains the new pathways for training


Pleural effusion is a common medical condition which often presents on the AMU. There are more than 50 recognised causes of pleural effusion which include diseases local to the pleura or

Case Vignette

A 29-year old male presents to the emergency department 1h after an overdose of cocodamol. He admits to taking approximately 60 x 8/500mg tablets, with alcohol, over a 20 minute period.

New trainee representative

In the recent SAM elections, there were three nominations for trainee representative, and we are pleased to announce that Kirk Freeman was the successful candidate. Kirk is

Case history

A 38 year old woman presented with one day history of acute onset frontal headache which progressively generalised over a few hours. The headache was dull in nature and did not respond to

Abstract Delirium is a common cause for hospital admission among elderly patients. Although infection is the most common explanation, there is a large number of other potential causes. We present a

Abstract We describe a case of a 56 year old man with no previous medical history who presented with sudden onset dyspnoea, expressive dysphasia, and right arm sensory loss and paresis. A diagnosis…

Abstract Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis (TPP) is a rare complication of thyrotoxicosis and is up to 20 times more common in males. Cases usually present with painless muscle weakness precipitated by

Abstract A 38 year-old woman, who was previously fit and well, presented with a 10 day history of fever and non-specific symptoms. Initial chest X-ray demonstrated patchy nodular infiltrates bilaterally.