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Dear Editor

I was disappointed to read, in the case scenario of a recent article regarding the investigation of a patient with polyarthritis 1 that a patient was not offered an HIV test despite there


Ventricular tachycardias represent an important cause of palpitations. The differentiation of “benign” or “idiopathic” ventricular tachycardias from those which require more aggressive

I’ve been a consultant Acute Physician for just a few years, but I can honestly say that I have no regrets in choosing AIM as my specialty. In 2005 I applied to be one of the first AIM specialty trainees

Having realised early in my medical school training I was a medic not a surgeon, I had long assumed I would end up being a cardiologist or gastroenterologist. I enjoyed looking after acutely unwell

First of all, thank you and goodbye to Ruth Johnson who’s leaving the ranks of trainees and joining the Consultant body in Herefordshire imminently; Ruth has worked hard over the last two years representing

Abstract The aim of this paper is to outline the background to several recent papers which highlight deficiencies in acute neurological care- all of which highlight (to differing degrees) issues in

Case Report

A 52 year old woman presented to the Acute Medical Unit with her 4th episode of palpitations in the past four weeks. Each episode was similar in nature and described as being acute in onset,

Abstract Leptospirosis is a disease caused by spp. Leptospira, also known as Weil’s disease if it manifests with jaundice. It can be associated with respiratory, renal, hepatic and haematological

Abstract We present the case of a 58 year old man who developed pleuritic chest while an in-patient; investigations revealed pulmonary embolism, despite a significantly raised Activated Partial Thromboplastin