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Clinical diagnoses of sepsis that relate to bacterial infection were responsible for 650,000 admissions and 55,000 deaths in English hospitals last year. The vast majority of these patients are admitted

Chris Roseveare has kindly invited me to introduce myself through this ‘Guest Editorial’ page of Acute Medicine. I was appointed to the new post of Acute Care Fellow at the Royal College of Physicians

The environments in which General, Acute and Emergency Medicine have evolved in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom have differed significantly. As a result of this, the development and the

During the 1980s and 1990s general medicine was progressively displaced by medical specialties as the major focus of a consultant physician’s career. Fewer and fewer people were appointed as ‘general

Acute physicians are confronted daily by the relentless increase in clinical demand, inadequate continuity of care, breakdown in out of hours care and a looming crisis in the medical workforce. The