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Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 1 – 40 (2006)

A 38 year old male presented with worsening breathlessness and cough for 6 months duration. He was treated in the community with salbutamol and steroid inhaler by GP for suspected asthma but with…

We have successfully been running with a Consultant presence in day-time (0900-1700) in the admissions area for a number of years. The recent NCEPOD report – an Acute Problem, criticised the lack

The investigation and management of patients presenting with hypercalcaemia is not always straightforward. We describe the case of a middleaged man presenting with severe symptomatic hypercalcaemia.


We present the case of a patient who presented with evidence of pneumonia, sepsis and anaemia but no significant abdominal signs. A routine abdominal ultrasound scan revealed evidence of spontaneous

Abstract Aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH) is an acute life-threatening neurological disorder. A delay in diagnosis can lead to substantial and avoidable morbidity and mortality. It is important

Abstract Psoas abscess is an uncommon presentation on the acute medical take. However recognition and appropriate treatment is essential. This review is designed to highlight the clinical features,

Abstract Sickle cell disease is the commonest haemoglobinopathy within the United Kingdom.1 Although the majority of patients will present to hospitals within major cities, this is not invariably the

Abstract Chronic liver disease is becoming more common in the UK. There has been much media coverage due to recent change in licensing laws and celebrity figures suffering from cirrhosis. This review

Few will deny that the past 6 months have been particularly challenging for all clinicians working in hospital medicine. The pressures of ward closures, which many acute hospitals have faced recently,