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Purple urine bag syndrome is a potentially alarming phenomenon caused by bacterial metabolism of urinary tryptophan into indigo (blue) and indirubin (red) pigments. We report the case of a 46-year-old

Spinal epidural haematoma is a rare condition, which may be due to trauma, surgery, epidural catheterisation or disorders of coagulation. We report a case of 60 year old lady who was on warfarin…

Background: Spontaneous thyroid haemorrhage is a very rare condition that is potentially life-threatening. We report an unusual case of spontaneous thyroid haemorrhage leading to airway compromise requiring

A 62-year old British Caucasian woman normally resident in Spain presented with fever and pancytopaenia after returning to the UK. Her symptoms persisted despite broad-spectrum antibiotics, and she

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a common cause for admission in Emergency Department. Its treatment is well defined. Nevertheless, in some cases, type I diabetes combines with auto-immune polyendocrine

Chloroform is a recognised cause of acute liver injury, although now rarely encountered in clinical practice. We present a case of inhalational chloroform self-poisoning in a 47-year-old man that presented

The advent of immunotherapy in oncology has led to the emergence of a new spectrum of adverse effects. A number of these have the potential to contribute to life-threatening outcomes; and therefore

A 61 year old male presented with a one-week history of abdominal pain and loose stools. He had recently received treatment for cellulitis with flucloxacillin. He was anuric on presentation requiring

Dystonia takes many forms and often presents acutely to emergency care. The diagnosis is often delayed because it mimics other more common conditions. This report describes a patient with a rare occupational

A 51-year old Caucasian male was admitted to the hospital with a history of breathlessness of one month duration. Prior to this he had been well. He complained that the shortness of breath…

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