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This is a pocket sized book (if your pockets are 20×18×2 cm big, that is) and it weighs less than two decent stethoscopes.

Its small physical size belies the comprehensive coverage given to the

When I first saw the title of this book, my initial assumption was that it was a training ‘guidebook’ – one of those texts which aims to help trainees to navigate their way through the treacherous

This new book by Dr O’Kane is a very useful and interesting book directed towards Medical registrars but also with many positive features for anyone from Medical Student to Consultants.

Making Sense of Acute Medicine: a guide to diagnosis details a symptomatic approach to acute medicine. It begins with a preface that states that many junior doctors seem to employ a ‘scattergun approach

Gastrointestinal Emergencies describes itself as “the definitive reference guide for the management of gastrointestinal emergencies and endoscopic complications”, The book covers the huge topic

Any junior doctor navigating the early stages of training will recognise the need to develop the ability to crystallise the essence of a clinical case with a few succinct questions and directed examination,