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There is no ‘gold standard’ non-invasive test to diagnose myocarditis. It is a clinico-histopathological diagnosis.1 Clinical manifestations include: heart failure, chest pain (from either

Case report

A 28 year old gentleman presented after an episode of collapse with loss of consciousness.

He gave a history of non-specific malaise and myalgia over the previous 7 days, with fever, a generalised

Case history

A 38 year old woman presented with one day history of acute onset frontal headache which progressively generalised over a few hours. The headache was dull in nature and did not respond to

A 17 year old male was referred to the Accident and Emergency department (A&E) by his GP after he had experienced an episode of palpitations associated with dyspnoea whilst attempting exercise.

Case Outcome

Further investigations revealed a negative autoimmune screen and aspergillus preciptins, but a raised total IgE level of 350ku/l. She underwent a bronchoscopy and lavage which was negative

A 22 year old woman was admitted to hospital after coughing up approximately 500ml of fresh blood. She was a lifelong non-smoker with no significant prior respiratory history; however she described

Erythroderma (or ‘red man syndrome’) is a diffuse inf lammation of the skin, affecting at least 90% of the skin surface. It can be the clinical manifestation of a variety of dermatological, systemic,

A fifty-eight year old man was referred to the Acute Medical Unit by his general practitioner with a generalised erythematous rash. The rash had appeared 3 weeks earlier, initially affecting his back,

Our case highlights an uncommon complication of nasogastric tube insertion. Enteral feeding plays an essential role in recovery from critical illness. Benefits include increasing blood flow to the gut,

A 51-year-old man who was normally fit and well, presented with a one-week history of fever, cough, shortness of breath, myalgia and diarrhoea. On examination he was febrile at 37.8°C, acutely short