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Case History

A 55 year old male presented to the Acute Medical Unit with a one hour history of pain and swelling of his right leg with resultant inability to weight bear. He denied any preceding history

Case history

A 52-year old gentleman was referred to acute medicine by an out-of-hours general practitioner, with an unexplained ‘collapse’. The patient stated to have just ‘tripped and fallen’


There is no ‘gold standard’ non-invasive test to diagnose myocarditis. It is a clinico-histopathological diagnosis.1 Clinical manifestations include: heart failure, chest pain (from either

Case report

A 28 year old gentleman presented after an episode of collapse with loss of consciousness.

He gave a history of non-specific malaise and myalgia over the previous 7 days, with fever, a generalised

Case history

A 38 year old woman presented with one day history of acute onset frontal headache which progressively generalised over a few hours. The headache was dull in nature and did not respond to

A 17 year old male was referred to the Accident and Emergency department (A&E) by his GP after he had experienced an episode of palpitations associated with dyspnoea whilst attempting exercise.

Case Outcome

Further investigations revealed a negative autoimmune screen and aspergillus preciptins, but a raised total IgE level of 350ku/l. She underwent a bronchoscopy and lavage which was negative

A 22 year old woman was admitted to hospital after coughing up approximately 500ml of fresh blood. She was a lifelong non-smoker with no significant prior respiratory history; however she described

Erythroderma (or ‘red man syndrome’) is a diffuse inf lammation of the skin, affecting at least 90% of the skin surface. It can be the clinical manifestation of a variety of dermatological, systemic,

A fifty-eight year old man was referred to the Acute Medical Unit by his general practitioner with a generalised erythematous rash. The rash had appeared 3 weeks earlier, initially affecting his back,