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Abstract A survey of registered nurses working in two acute medicine acute medicine units (AMUs) was conducted between May & September 2009 to enable a focussed understanding of nursing recruitment

Abstract The aim of the study was to explore the ultrasound training requirements in acute medicine by comparing the ultrasound skill of an acute medicine trainee (AMT) with that of the radiology department…

Abstract Aims: • Evaluate the use of lumbar puncture (LP) in the Acute Medical Department of a typical urban district general hospital. • Increase the proportion performed on appropriate patients.

Abstract This study assessed the quality of post-take ward round (PTWR) documentation, specifically looking at twelve criteria, in the medical assessment unit (MAU) prior to, 3- months and 2-years after

Abstract Aim: To explore patients, carers, and clinician views and identify factors, which affect the likelihood of hospital readmission. Methods: A cross sectional retrospective study of adult medical