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This review will critically appraise the AIM curriculum from a trainee’s perspective. The author will focus on the curriculum’s aims and objectives, availability of learning opportunities,

Updates from Specialist Advisory Committee

The Specialist Advisory Committee (SAC) of June 2017 discussed the sign off of procedural competences relating to Sengstaken-Blakemore tube insertion and transvenous

Tehmeena Khan has replaced Sanjay Krishnamoorthy as a Trainee Representative for SAM. We would like to thank Sanjay for all his hard work and contribution during his tenure as Rep. Tehmeena is a

SAM Cardiff

The SAM Cardiff meeting at the Mercure Hotel was well attended and it was great to catch up with many AIM trainees.

In Medicine we believe our practice is evidence based and effectual. We review our results, keep abreast of the literature and make changes as knowledge evolves. Most presenters believe the same for