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Welcome to the second edition of Acute Medicine Volume 4 which, I regret to say, has probably reached you rather later in the year than you were anticipating. Unfortunately printing delays around the

As ward round ‘faux-pas’ go, this week’s was a bad one. The patient was a middle aged man with pneumonia – nothing out of the ordinary. Turning to the somewhat hirsute ‘adolescent’ sitting

While the profile of the subspecialty of Acute Medicine continues to rise, so does the burden of work under which we are continually placed. Changes in General Practice out-of-hours cover, reduced junior

Over the past three years it has become apparent to me that referring to ‘current affairs’ in these columns can be a mistake, serving only to highlight inevitable printing delays. By the time this

This journal now enters its third edition, which means we are now more than half way through our proposed four-year cycle of reviews. As previous readers may recall, our intention was to cover all aspects

It could be said that the past 12 months have been an exciting time in the field of acute medicine. In addition to the high profile afforded by the publication of Reforming Emergency Care and the ongoing

By the time this is published, summer will be over, “Big Brother” will have evicted its final contestant and, no doubt, many of us will still be waiting for the elusive “lull” in emergency pressures.

There was, no doubt, a time when the end of winter brought a sense of jubilation at the frontline of hospital medicine. Now, not only do the emergency pressures seem to continue year-round, but spring

So the brief ‘respite’ of summer is over, and we find ourselves plunging, once more towards the abyss of winter bed pressures. Hopefully those of you working at the coalface will find time to browse

When I was invited to take over as Editor of this journal, I had little idea of the amount of work which went into its production. I am indebted to Paul Jenkins for staying on in the role of sub-editor,