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Acute Internal Medicine Trainee Survey 2017

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Introduction: Survey to ascertain views of Acute Internal Medicine trainees regarding their training programme.

Methods: Online survey circulated to higher specialty trainees (HSTs) via the Society of Acute Medicine (SAM), Training programme Directors (TPDs) and social media platforms.

Results: A total of 57 trainees participated in the survey; 43.86% trainees are either ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’ with their training, 10.53% are ‘quite unhappy’ with their training. Trainees enjoy the variety of workload and the variety of specialist exposure.

Discussion: The number of trainees who responded to this years survey was significantly lower than the previous two years. Perhaps this is because trainees feel that there is a lack of change/improvement over time and hence do not feel the need to participate in such a survey.

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