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Abstract The Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) was launched in 2002 with guidelines created to help manage severe sepsis and septic shock. In response to poor compliance with the SSC guidelines in the

Abstract Simulation training is a method of interactive teaching and training for healthcare professionals. Medical education research demonstrates that high fidelity simulation leads to effective learning.

Abstract Background: This study assessed the role of frailty assessment in the AMU. Methods: Patients were assessed for frailty and their outcomes ascertained at 90 days. Results: The Canadian Study

Abstract Background: The absence of published data for benchmarking serves as a disincentive for Acute Medical Units to improve care. Aim: To test feasibility of a national audit in Acute Medicine

Abstract Background: Cognitive impairment is common amongst acute geriatric hospital admissions but detection is often poor and this is associated with worse outcomes. The four-question abbreviated

Abstract Sepsis commonly presents to the acute medicine unit (AMU). Timely recognition and treatment can reduce the significant associated mortality, but United Kingdom AMUs and emergency departments