We sought to assess the impact of renal impairment on acute medical admissions and to identify potential contributory factors to admissions involving renal impairment at presentation. In a prospective

Non-cardiac chest pain (NCCP) is a common presenting complaint which can be better managed. This requires the recognition of clinical sub-groups with investigation and treatment tailored accordingly.

We provide a systematic overview of literature on prediction models for mortality in the Emergency Department (ED). We searched various databases for observational studies in the ED or similar setting

A 62-year old British Caucasian woman normally resident in Spain presented with fever and pancytopaenia after returning to the UK. Her symptoms persisted despite broad-spectrum antibiotics, and she

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a common cause for admission in Emergency Department. Its treatment is well defined. Nevertheless, in some cases, type I diabetes combines with auto-immune polyendocrine

Chloroform is a recognised cause of acute liver injury, although now rarely encountered in clinical practice. We present a case of inhalational chloroform self-poisoning in a 47-year-old man that presented

The advent of immunotherapy in oncology has led to the emergence of a new spectrum of adverse effects. A number of these have the potential to contribute to life-threatening outcomes; and therefore

Cama et al’s review of pneumothorax management was excellent, especially their elegant depiction of chest tube diameter in comparison to the intercostal space, as measured in French gauge. The use