Spinal epidural haematoma is a rare condition, which may be due to trauma, surgery, epidural catheterisation or disorders of coagulation. We report a case of 60 year old lady who was on warfarin for

This is a T2 weighted image (T2WI). In T2WI compartments filled with fluid appear brighter (as is the case of the CSF in the lateral ventricles). On the contrary, tissues with a high fat content appear

We read with interest “Non-Cardiac Chest Pain: Management in the Ambulatory Clinic setting” (Acute Med 2019;18(3)165-70). It is useful to know about the various musculoskeletal causes of

Background: Spontaneous thyroid haemorrhage is a very rare condition that is potentially life-threatening. We report an unusual case of spontaneous thyroid haemorrhage leading to airway compromise requiring

Background: The relationship between increase in body temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate has only been studied in young, healthy subjects. Aim: To show the changes in heart and respiratory

Background: heart rates generated by pulse oximeters and electronic sphygmomanometers in acutely ill patients may not be the same as those recorded by ECG Methods: heart rates recorded by an oximeter

Reduced kidney function, whether acute or chronic, is a highly significant biomarker of in most clinical settings. This is particularly true on the acute medical take where altered renal function is

Doctors training in Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) need to provide evidence that they can effectively manage 20 ‘top’ and 40 ‘other important’ acute medical presentations. However, the presentations