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Abstract Many hospitals are still setting up acute stroke thrombolysis services, often delayed by fears over workload. However, there are few data on how many patients require urgent assessment before

A short survey was circulated by email to members of the Society for Acute Medicine receiving the Acute Medicine journal in January 2010. Responses to the questions relating to journal content and layout…

Abstract A review suggested that coagulation screening tests (CST) were frequently performed unnecessarily in our Acute Medical Department. We reviewed the records of all patients for whom CST was ordered

Abstract This paper describes how a Foundation Trust was able to meet emergency access targets. The Acute Medical Unit (AMU) was expanded from 29 to 81 beds and patients with expected length of…

Abstract The follow up arrangements were reviewed for 212 patients discharged from our Medical Admissions Unit (MAU) prior to the appointment of an acute medical consultant. 19 patients (9%) were referred

Editorial Policies: This peer reviewed/indexed journal is designed to meet the continuing education needs of practising professionals. In accordance with Copyright Acts the senior or corresponding author

Abstract Objective: To explore patient’s perceptions regarding the physical environment of an Emergency Assessment Unit (EAU). Design/Setting: Questionnaire study at the time of discharge from the

Abstract Therapeutic hypothermia (TH) is now a well established therapy in resuscitation guidelines. We retrospectively analysed our first 18 months’ data for all patients who underwent TH for out-of-hospital

Abstract Patients presenting to the “front door” with acute neuromuscular symptoms are challenging. Toxins need consideration as possible causative agents if there is the possibility of relevant

Abstract Patients are frequently referred to hospital for exclusion of deep vein thrombosis (DVT); however, the diagnosis is only confirmed in 12% of those undergoing investigation. An effective strategy