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The patient was anti-coagulated with low molecular weight heparin and then warfarin. He was also commenced on a reducing course of prednisolone. Symptoms and signs resolved within two weeks,

A 40 year old previously fit bank executive of Cypriot origin presented to the acute medical take with insidious onset frontal and vertex headaches with features suggesting raised intracranial pressure.

Abstract A survey of registered nurses working in two acute medicine acute medicine units (AMUs) was conducted between May & September 2009 to enable a focussed understanding of nursing recruitment

Abstract The aim of the study was to explore the ultrasound training requirements in acute medicine by comparing the ultrasound skill of an acute medicine trainee (AMT) with that of the radiology department…

Abstract Sarcoidosis is a cryptogenic multisystem granulomatous disorder. We present three patients who presented acutely with erythema nodosum in our Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) or attended our clinic,

Abstract Cellulitis is a common condition that is frequently managed by the general physicians on an acute medical take. This case report describes buttock cellulitis as a presentation of an iliopsoas

Abstract We report a case of scombrotoxin poisoning, an acute illness that develops within minutes to hours of eating poorly processed oily fish, such as tuna or mackerel. It presents with symptoms

An 85 year old lady was admitted to hospital after experiencing an abrupt onset of right sided chest and mid thoracic back pain. This pain was exacerbated by movement and coughing but not…

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Abstract Acute heart failure is an important presentation in the Acute Medical Unit. We describe a case of successful repeat thrombolysis in an elderly woman presenting as an emergency with severe pulmonary

Abstract Reports of urticaria and rash with bupropion are common, with an estimated incidence of 1-4%. Serious adverse reactions, including seizures and angioedema occur less commonly, but may be dose