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Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 1 – 64 (2013)

Abstract Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) is, on occasion, given to patients who do not suffer from acute cerebral ischemia. As the underlying conditions often mistaken for acute ischemic stroke tend

Abstract Headache and seizures are common presentations to the acute medical unit. We report a case of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) in a 73 yr old woman with a history of uncontrolled…

Abstract Progressive Multifocal Leucoencephalopathy (PML) is a rare and invariably fatal neurological disease that is seen patients with untreated HIV infection and as a complication of immune suppression

Abstract The severe sequelae of infection from the conventionally termed ‘benign’ forms of malaria are being increasingly recognised, and delayed diagnosis and treatment lead to worse outcomes.

Abstract Background: Cognitive impairment is common amongst acute geriatric hospital admissions but detection is often poor and this is associated with worse outcomes. The four-question abbreviated

Abstract Sepsis commonly presents to the acute medicine unit (AMU). Timely recognition and treatment can reduce the significant associated mortality, but United Kingdom AMUs and emergency departments