SAM Cardiff

The SAM Cardiff meeting at the Mercure Hotel was well attended and it was great to catch up with many AIM trainees.

Our spring conference this year heads to Cardiff. Ex SAM trainee representative and new acute medicine consultant Nerys Conway will be hosting us on May 4th and 5th 2017 at a conference entitled ‘Together

The autumn international conference was jointly hosted with the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh last September which allowed our speciality to reach a wider audience. The Conference was

New Trainee Representative

After providing years of sterling representation, Nick Smallwood will be moving on to a consultant job. Neil Patel takes his place formally at SAMEdinburgh. Neil is an ST5

Objectives: To ascertain the views of current Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) trainees on the strengths and weakness of the specialty, their training programmes, practical procedures

SAM Belfast

The latest SAM meeting was well attended with a number of high quality posters on display and a small but perfectly formed trainee session – thanks to those who attended. There were

takeAIM update

Acute Medical registrars across the country have continued to drive the enthusiasm to Take AIM! Following the success of the first national takeAIM conference in Manchester in November,

takeAIM update

You will hopefully be aware that the first national takeAIM conference was run in Manchester on Saturday November 14th. It was attended by around 150 Foundation and Core trainees who had

Introduction Three times a year, the first Wednesday of the month heralds a changeover of junior doctors within our hospital. This year, the first Wednesday in December provided a different kind of

Abstract Leptospirosis is a disease caused by spp. Leptospira, also known as Weil’s disease if it manifests with jaundice. It can be associated with respiratory, renal, hepatic and haematological