Abstract This edition’s paper on ‘How doctors spend their time on an AMU’ defines ‘training’ as time spent on senior ward rounds. But the idea that senior ward rounds are training and the…


Unsteadiness, balance disturbance, and ‘dizziness’ are common presenting complaints on the Acute Medical Unit. This article outlines key components in the evaluation of these problems and

Abstract This article reviews the clinical and legal issues involved in dealing with patients who refuse medical treatment following an overdose. We first describe a real case that has been made anonymous,

Abstract A retrospective case note analysis of 100 consecutive admissions to a Medical Assessment Unit to (a) review the current impact of alcohol, and (b) assess the quality of clinical management

Abstract We describe a case of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) in a young female, presenting several weeks after neurosurgery, to the Medical Admissions Unit. The diagnosis is discussed

Abstract Many Medical Admission Units admit patients who have suffered a fall. Falls are incredibly common, yet often assessed and managed suboptimally in hospitals. Falls may be due to an acute illness,

Abstract Cellulitis of the lower limb is a common presentation in patients with diabetes. We report a case illustrating how Charcot neuropathy can be overlooked because of its resemblance to cellulitis….

Abstract Some patients with COPD ‘retain CO2’ when given high concentration or uncontrolled oxygen therapy. The mechanism for this, and why it occurs in only some patients, is unclear. The pathogenesis