My first piece of advice for all aspiring medical leaders would be this, ‘don’t bother’ with a leadership course, as nothing can fully prepare you for the role. That said, please continue reading


Patients with febrile neutropenia are a heterogeneous group with only a minority developing significant medical complications. Scoring systems, such as the Multinational Association for Supportive


Fever in a neutropenic patient is an acute medical emergency. This article considers the diagnosis, investigation and management of neutropenic sepsis, along with the clinical challenges that

Abstract A 19 year old male presented with a deliberate overdose of colchicine (50mg). He had no other significant medical history. 36 hours following admission he developed widespread surgical emphysema.

Abstract Introduction: Early and appropriate recognition of patients requiring palliative care is essential to delivering high quality management and Acute Medical Units have a pivotal role to play