Abstract Background: An Illness Severity and Co-morbidity composite score can predict 30-day mortality outcome. Methods: We computed a summary risk score (RS) for emergency medical admissions and used

Levamisole-induced vasculitis (LIV) is becoming an increasingly common entity secondary to both rising cocaine use in the UK and high levels of adulteration of cocaine with various contaminants. We

Abstract Background: Deprivation increases admission rates; the specific effect of deprivation with regard to weekend admissions is unknown. Methods: We calculated annual weekend admission rates for

Abstract There has been little study of the relationship between resource utilisation, clinical risks and hospital costs in acute medicine with the question remaining as to whether current funding

Abstract Background: Following an emergency medical admission, patients may be admitted an acute medical assessment unit (AMAU) or directly into a ward. An AMAU provides a structured environment for

Abstract Aim: to create and validate a Risk Index for Geriatric Acute Medical Admissions (RIGAMA) for those aged ≥ 65, based on accumulation of deficits. Methods: we retrospectively validated a 30-item